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We’ve driven $4,589,010+ in revenue using SEO for our own sites (and millions more for our clients).

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"Our sales are up over 70% over the past 5 months"
“Our organic revenue growth has doubled in the last two years.”
“We’re now the #1 ranking hard money lender in Phoenix, Arizona. Our sales from organic leads have gone up 80%.”

Our Story

As the Co-founder and Director of Marketing at LeadQuizzes, Jeremy Ellens built their revenue to $100,000/month and grew their website from 0-150,000 visitors per month using SEO.



Prior to LeadQuizzes, our Director of SEO led the SEO growth of a marketing website and grew traffic to over 300,000 visitors per month. This site ranked for some of the most difficult keywords in the world such as, ‘blog’, ‘how to start a blog’, ‘blogging sites’, and ‘best blogs’, outranking sites like HubSpot, WordPress, and Wix for these valuable terms.


We’ll Help Scale Your SEO Marketing Channel

Our experience in generating $4,589,010+ in SEO revenue to our personal websites, means we know how to act like owners in your business.

Experience Matters

In 7 months, our link building helped increase this SaaS client’s website traffic by 204,753 visitors/month and increase traffic value by $594,995/month.

Unleash Our SEO Experience In Your Business

We know how important it is to build SEO for a website the right way. We haven’t cut corners for ourselves and we’ll never cut corners for your website.

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Outsource Your Agency’s SEO and Link Building

We help agencies get better SEO results for their clients and grow their client retainers.

Working with us you’ll get:
  • A proven source of SEO results. We’ll help educate your team and build valuable links that increase your client’s SEO revenue.
  • Reliable link building. We overbuild backlinks to ensure we spend your client’s full budget, every month. Links built that exceed your client’s budget, get rolled over to your next invoice.
  • Scalable links. Our systems allow us to quickly hire and train over-qualified link builders so we can scale your campaigns and grow your retainers.

Grow Your Client’s SEO and Increase Your Retainers

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“ReportCard has consulted us on SEO and link building over the past 5 years. Our traffic is up 120% and we have an 87% increase in leads.”
Sam Saltis, CoreDNA

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