Link building combined with a good content strategy was crucial to building out our first marketing channel in our early days. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to add over $100k in monthly search revenue.

Jeremy Ellens, Co-founder

Campaign Summary

$102k/month - 580%
Traffic value increase
150k/month visitors - 623%
Traffic increase
36+ months
Time period
Links built


LeadQuizzes allocated 90% of their budget towards software development in the early days, thereby limiting their resources for marketing efforts. They aimed to prioritize SEO as a marketing channel that had a lower customer acquisition cost compared to paid traffic.


Over a span of 36+ months, we established 620+ links to their top pages while simultaneously providing on-site content strategies to boost traffic growth.


$102k increase in monthly traffic value
623% increase in traffic

More Case Studies

Local Jewelry Store

Campaign Summary
$10M/year 91%
Revenue increase
3,066/month visitors 193%
Traffic increase


Campaign Summary
$594k/month - 28%
Traffic value increase
204k/month visitors - 85%
Traffic increase
Prime Plus Mortgages
Campaign Summary
$884k 306%
Deals funded increase
1,790/month visitors - 2,418%
Traffic increase

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