Our History

Hi, I’m Jeremy Ellens and I’m the founder of ReportCard.

Prior to ReportCard, I co-founded and bootstrapped the marketing software, LeadQuizzes, to $100,000/month in revenue. I did this on a shoestring budget by using SEO as our main marketing channel, while we invested heavily in the development of our software.

My friends started asking me for help with their SEO and they started seeing traffic and revenue growth as well but the one area that everyone struggled with was link building. Over the past ten years, my team had built over 10,000 backlinks and so we decided to offer this as a service to help other businesses scale their traffic and revenue with SEO.

Since then ReportCard’s helped our clients generate $27,600,000+ and counting in additional annual revenue from SEO. The only question left to ask yourself is if you’re next?

What Our Customers are Saying

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“ In a short amount of time we grew organic traffic visitors by over 200k visitors/month and well over $600k/month in additional revenue. “
icon VOIP SaaS CMO
" I would recommend ReportCard to anyone who needs quality digital PR/link building. "
icon Dragan Berak, Head of SEO
" We’re ranking 1, 2, and 3 for many of our top keywords. Our sales are up over $10,000,000 in two years. "
icon Jewelry Store Owner

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