Local Jewelry Store

Local Jewelry Store

“ We’re ranking 1, 2, and 3 for many of our top keywords. Our sales are up over $10,000,000 in two years.

Jewelry Store Owner

Campaign Summary

$10M/year 91%
Revenue increase
3,066/month visitors 193%
Traffic increase
25+ months
Time period
Links built


This jewelry store was among the largest in their region, but faced difficulty in competing with smaller retailers online, often finding themselves on page 3 or worse for lucrative keywords.


Over the course of two years, we built over 521 links to the most significant pages of the website. We also developed an on-site content strategy for their team to implement in parallel to our link-building efforts.


$10,000,000+ increase in annual revenue
193% increase in organic traffic
84% increase calls

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$884k 306%
Deals funded increase
1,790/month visitors - 2,418%
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