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ReportCard’s helped our clients generate an additional $27,600,000+ and counting in additional annual revenue from SEO.
Campaign Summary
$132k/month 33%
Traffic value increase
153k/month visitors - 211%
Traffic increase
Advanced Medical Certification
Campaign Summary
$58k/month 289%
Traffic value increase
24k/month visitors - 337%
Traffic increase
Campaign Summary
$102k/month - 580%
Traffic value increase
150k/month visitors - 623%
Traffic increase

Local Jewelry Store

Campaign Summary
$10M/year 91%
Revenue increase
3,066/month visitors 193%
Traffic increase

Hosting Affiliate

Campaign Summary
$158k/month 877%
Traffic value increase
112k/month visitors - 2,803%
Traffic increase


Campaign Summary
$594k/month - 28%
Traffic value increase
204k/month visitors - 85%
Traffic increase
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Generally, links from websites with higher Domain Rating (DR) and traffic will be more beneficial. If you're unsure about which links to order, please contact us for a free link building strategy call.

Unfortunately, with this pricing plan, we're unable to allow content approval.

With this pricing plan, we don't allow additional website criteria preferences. If you'd like this option, we recommend one of our Private Coach programs.

Unfortunately, we don't offer pre-approval of websites for link orders. We build links that we believe will help you rank better, and allowing us to select trusted websites reduces link expenses for you.

It typically takes about 30 days to complete your order since we perform manual outreach and build relationships with websites.

While links can be lost naturally due to content updates or pages being taken down or redirected from any link-building campaign, we guarantee that links will be live for 12 months. Most links will remain live for years!

Link building is consistently voted as one of the top ranking factors by SEO professionals. If you're writing great content that matches search intent, we expect you to see an improvement in rankings in 3-6 months depending on how competitive your niche is. If you have questions, please contact us, and we can help you develop a link building plan that suits your needs.

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“ In a short amount of time we grew organic traffic visitors by over 200k visitors/month and well over $600k/month in additional revenue. “
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" I would recommend ReportCard to anyone who needs quality digital PR/link building. "
icon Dragan Berak, Head of SEO
" We’re ranking 1, 2, and 3 for many of our top keywords. Our sales are up over $10,000,000 in two years. "
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